Downloading from Sourceforge

To obtain the latest stable release of PriorityPruner, please download PriorityPruner.jar from the Sourceforge project page:

Source code

The latest development version can be downloaded through a git client. If git is installed, run the following command:

git clone git:// prioritypruner-code

Release Notes

09-07-2016 PriorityPruner v0.1.4. Fixed bug that calculated SNP call rate incorrectly. Results from previous versions should be checked to make sure SNPs were not incorrectly filtered out.
05-17-2016 PriorityPruner v0.1.3. No changes to the functionality of the program, just refactoring of existing code:
- Added unit, functional and regression tests
- Converted to Maven (previously Ant)
- Refactored existing classes
02-04-2016 PriorityPruner v0.1.2. Fixed minor bug where number of SNPs filtered by MAF was printed out instead of number of SNPs filtered by call rate.
06-11-2014 PriorityPruner v0.1.1. Updated website in help text.
06-11-2014 PriorityPruner v0.1.0. Initial release.